Selection Process

The S&I 100 Index consists of high-impact nonprofits that have been carefully vetted through a comprehensive selection process.  More than 150 experts have participated in a cross-sector collaborative effort to identify and assess the nonprofits that have been selected to be part of the Index.  Additional organizations will be added continually. 

1. Nominations 
The Exchange seeks nominations of eligible nonprofits from intermediaries, engaged funders, or experts who have substantial knowledge of the nominated organization and believe they meet our eligibility requirements.  Funders:  Nominate an organization that meets the Exchange’s eligibility requirements today!  
2. Exchange Review 
The Exchange staff speaks with a representative of the nominated organization to confirm they meet the Eligibility Requirements.  The organization is invited to submit materials that that include their evaluation study and a strategic growth plan or business plan.   Once submitted, Exchange staff create a package that is then sent to two members of the Review Team, and the evaluation study is forwarded to an evaluation expert to be reviewed and scored. 
3. Review Team
The Review Team consists of large group of experts drawn from the Exchange’s membership, invited to participate based on their knowledge and experience in scaling social impact, organizational management, and/or capacity building with nonprofits. They represent foundations that have invested in scaling initiatives, evaluation firms, consulting firms, researchers and advisors. Review team members provide their time and expertise to the S&I 100 on a  pro-bono basis.
Reviewers score applications using a selection tool created by the Exchange, based on the Due Diligence Framework for Scaling Initiatives.  The framework was developed in close collaboration with members of the Social Impact Exchange’s Market Development Working Group and the members of the Alliance for Effective Social Investing. The framework and selection tool reflect years of knowledge built by evaluation firms, funders of scaling efforts, and hands-on intermediaries who have been scaling up nonprofits over the last decade. The methodology will evolve over time, based on feedback from its use and refinements suggested by members of these two groups.
4. Evaluation Experts
Evaluation experts are retained by the Exchange to assess a program’s evaluation study(ies) and rate its level of evidence. The professional evaluators assess the soundness and statistical integrity of the evaluation studies.  
5. Final Selection 
The Exchange staff calculates the combined score from the Review Team members and Evaluation Expert. They then review the score and the input from reviewers to determine whether the organization meets the threshold for acceptance . If so, the organization is approved and Exchange staff work with the organization to create a profile that is published on our platform.    
For more information on how to nominate an organization that meets the above criteria, kindly contact Monica Ward at