2010 plenary sessions, keynote speeches and PowerPoint presentations

2010 Conference Plenary Sessions & Keynote Speeches

Plenary and knowledge sessions included presentations, panel discussions and Q&A with Conference attendees. Click on the section below to find the keynote speeches and PowerPoint presentations of speakers at the Conference.



Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President & CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

Judith Rodin, President, The Rockefeller Foundation


PowerPoint Presentations

Gordon Berlin, MDRC - Levels of Evidence and Readiness to Scale

Laura Callanan, McKinsey & Co. - Nonprofit Collaboration

J. Gregory Dees, Duke University - Planning for Scaled Impact

Rob Ivry & John Martinez, MDRC - Evaluating High Impact Scaling Initiatives

Barbara Krasne, KrasnePlows - Nonprofit Collaboration

Steve Lee, Robin Hood Foundation - Poverty Alleviation

Sheila Maguire, PPV - Poverty Alleviation

Joe McCannon, Institute for Healthcare Improvement - Health

Marcie Parkhurst, FSG - Nonprofit Collaboration

Jim Peyser, NewSchools Venture Fund - Youth & Education

Irene Skricki, Annie E. Casey Foundation - Poverty Alleviation

Geri Summerville, PPV - Planning for Scaled Impact

Andrew Wolk, Root Cause - Planning for Scaled Impact