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iMentor improves the lives of youth from underserved communities through innovative, curriculum-based and technology-focused mentoring programs. iMentor facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships for high school students through school partnerships, and ensures that more youth graduate high school prepared for success in college.  

Specifically, iMentor’s model addresses four key challenges that traditional mentoring programs face by:

  • Getting more mentors involved with its flexible model;
  • Making mentoring more effective through a combination of curriculum and targeted staff support;
  • Facilitating whole school partnerships in NYC; and 
  • Providing the iMentor model to the nation's best nonprofit organizations. The intended outcomes for mentees are personal, academic and career-related. 

Impact and Outcomes

83% of iMentor seniors graduated from high school in 2010.
74% of iMentor seniors were accepted into college.
75% of iMentor mentees said their mentors motivated them to take steps towards meeting goals for their education.
78% of iMentor mentees felt that their mentors helped them take steps towards improving their academic performance.
75% of teachers observed that their students benefited academically from participating in iMentor.

Matching Gift

iMentor is entering its second year of the five-year Social Innovation Fund (SIF) initiative. In the first year, iMentor secured its required 1:1 matching funds of $1,100,000, and to-date, in Year 2, we have raised $575,000 towards our SIF match.

Mission & Goals

Mentor builds mentoring relationships that empower students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. By partnering with public schools and matching every student in the school with a mentor, iMentor leverages the community to reimagine how public high schools support students through the college process. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all students have access to the personalized support they need to complete college and realize their goals.


Typically, schools employ a single college counselor who is responsible for supporting all students. With iMentor, every student in the school has a college graduate who works with them each week of their high school career. This provides our students with the level of personalized support necessary to ensure true college-readiness. It provides schools with a cost-effective way to transform their counseling function. Finally, it allows iMentor to take the best new research about effective strategies for college success and ensure that those insights reach the students and schools that need them the most.


Features of our model:

  • We partner with high schools in low-income communities and match every student in the school with a college-educated mentor.
  • Mentors commit three or four years to a single mentee. After these initial commitments, all pairs have the option to continue their match through college completion.
  • Mentor-mentee pairs build their relationships through weekly email communication and monthly in-person meetings.
  • iMentor’s curriculum structures each weekly email exchange and monthly in-person meeting. The curriculum creates a baseline of conversations and experiences for all pairs.
  • A full-time staff member is responsible for the success of each relationship. These case managers are trained and certified as college counselors.
  • Mentors and mentees use iMentor’s custom technology platform (iMentor Platform) to build their relationship. Staff utilize the platform to launch, manage, monitor, and evaluate the program.


In its short history, iMentor has reached over 7,000 students in its NYC direct service program. This year alone, the organization is serving 1,800 students in NYC; 80% of those students are in multi-year mentoring relationships. 83% of mentees qualify for free or reduced lunch, 47% of mentees have been in the country 4 years or less, and only 27% of mentees’ parents have college degrees.

In 2007-08, an independent evaluation showed that iMentor makes a statistically significant impact on student performance, improving standardized test scores, grades, and attendance levels. That year, mentees significantly increased their English grades and English Regents test scores, and mentees who entered the program as “low attenders” (<75%) increased their mean attendance by 8%. In 2009, 83% of mentees graduated high school and 74% were accepted into college. 67% of graduating seniors enrolled in college in fall 2010. Overall, 75% of teachers say that their students benefit academically from participating in iMentor.

Starting in the fall of 2011, iMentor will begin a 2,000-participant, six-year study of its model with Public/Private Ventures. New survey instruments developed as a part of this effort will be available to all iMentor Interactive partners. Nationwide, iMentor Interactive has facilitated partnerships with over 50 organizations in 20 states, supporting thousands of mentoring relationships each year.

Growth Plan


Below is an overview of key details from iMentor’s 2013-2018 strategic plan (which you can find in full in the Reports section).

Program Expansion

  • More than 20,000 new matches during the five year period.
  • NYC growth: Annual enrollment grows from 3,300 to 5,750.
  • Replicate direct service program to three new cities, serving 1,800 pairs annually by 2018.
  •  Double iMentor partner programs from 20 to 40. Grow annual pair enrollment from 4,500 to 12,000.

3 Strategic Priorities

  • Strategic expansion: Establish iMentor as a national college success solution.
  • Constant improvement: Maximize the impact the program has on each mentor-mentee pair we enroll.
  • Share program learnings: Use what we learn in the program to contribute to the national college success conversation.


  • Expenses increase from $14M to $24M over the course of the plan.
  • Salary and fringe make up 70% of all expenses.
  • Staff grows from 112 to 179 full time employees.
  • All three program models (NYC, replication, iMi partner programs) post significant reductions in the cost per pair over the course of the plan. Organization-wide, we reduce our cost per pair by 28%.
  • 75% of cumulative expenses over the five years of the plan are allocated to program expenses.

Revenue Strategies to Increase Sustainability

  • Over the course of the plan, we place a major emphasis on increasing “sustainable revenue.” Sustainable revenue is defined as earned income and mentor giving.
  • iMentor partner programs’ earned income covers all operating costs by 2018.
  • In NYC, the percent of the cost per pair that is supported by sustainable revenue increases from 29% to 50%.


  • NYC and national fundraising increases from $8M to $15.6M.
  • Our compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for fundraising over the last five years was 18.3%. We are projecting a 17% CAGR over the course of the five-year plan, with the addition of some fundraising in local markets beginning in 2016.
  •  We will raise three years of operating capital before entering a new city ($2.8M). Ideally, this money is raised with the help of local supporters.

Growth Capital Raise

  • To execute on this plan, iMentor has raised $27.5M in growth capital.
  • Growth capital allocations include R&D investments (35%), entry capital for local replications (30%), working capital (24%), expansion in NYC (7%), expansion of iMentor partner programs (4%).

Location of Sites

National Office: 
30 Broad Street 9th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212.461.4330
List of locations

To make a contribution to a program site:

  1. Click on the "Make a Contribution Now" button and include the name, city and state of the program you would like to support, in the "notes" text box on the organization's donation form, if available.
  2. If a "notes" or "designation" box is not available, write the city and state on your check in the "notes" section or call the national office to designate your contribution to a local program site.

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Major Funders

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

New Profit Inc.

Lumina Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation

The Robertson Foundation

The Open Society Foundations

The Bezos Family Foundation

iMentor is also a part of the federal Social Innovation Fund