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Infrastructure Work Groups

There are two Infrastructure Working Groups:

Market Development

The Market Development Working Group focuses on developing 1) investment standards; 2) systems for large-scale distribution of investments to funders; and 3) new capital products that enhance the flow of capital to high-impact scaling initiatives. It has chosen two initial projects :

  1. Working with private banks, donor advised funds and multi-family offices to distribute scaling nonprofits to thousands of their high-net-worth clients
  2. Creating common due diligence standards and practices for evaluating scaling initiatives


The Social Impact Exchange's Knowledge-Building Working Group is creating a field-wide resource to provide knowledge and information that helps prepare funders to support scaling initiatives. The Group consists of knowledge providers, researchers, funders and practitioners. It is currently working on two strategic initiatives:

  1. Aggregating existing content on scaling from across the sector and organizing it into easily searchable online library. See Knowledge Center.
  2. Distributing content to the field through the Exchange Annual Conference, web platform, webinars, trainings, publications, bloggers, news columns, etc.