Working Groups

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Working Groups

The Social Impact Exchange has formed Funder Working Groups to engage members in driving activities. Consisting of 25-35 funders (including government and business), these Groups collaboratively fund scaling initiatives and help build a marketplace for scaling social solutions.  Each group has a larger network of funders in its field that receives its investment recommendations, and each collaborates with relevant affinity groups. 

In December 2013, the Social Impact Exchange launched the Scaling Marketplace, an online platform spearheaded by its Funder Working Groups that enables local and national funders the opportunity to co-fund growth capital campaigns of game-changing nonprofits. For more information about this new collaborative funding community, visit

There are three types of Funder Working Groups. Click on them to learn more!

  1. Issue-based Funder Working Groups

    • Education/Youth Development
    • Health
  2. Infrastructure Working Groups

    • Market Development
    • Knowledge
  3. Local Funder Working Groups