Our Initiatives

The Exchange holds an Annual Conference, Business Plan Competition, Investment Fair (Scaling in Action), and Nonprofit Symposium to provide innovative demonstration venues that connect co-funders with scaling nonprofits and to share knowledge on effective scaling methods and practices. These events also help bring together a community of leaders to collaborate in building a marketplace and to learn together.

  • Exchange Annual Conference- is a national event held in New York City that includes more than 400 funders, investors, individuals, philanthropy advisors, academics and nonprofit leaders.  The Conference focuses entirely on innovative methods to support scaling of high-impact nonprofit initiatives. Learn more
  • Scaling In Action – is a presentation forum where 5-7 mature nonprofits with a high level of demonstrated impact and readiness to scale present growth plans in a plenary at the Exchange’s Annual Conference.  Afterwards, funders convene to learn more about the nonprofits and consider funding. Learn more
  • Business Plan Competition– identifies high performing, earlier stage nonprofits that are trying to scale up, and supports them with business planning assistance, financial prizes and consulting awards. The Competition helps develop a strong pipeline of growth ready organizations. Learn more
  • Nonprofit Symposium- The first Symposium on Scaling Social Impact took place on June 14, 2011 in New York City. They Symposium brought together nonprofit organizations, funders, professional service providers and academics to gain insight and develop knowledge on the process of scaling. Learn more