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Local Markets

The Social Impact Exchange implements local Funder Working Groups and capital markets in specific cities where solutions can be scaled up locally. The intent is to engage a broader number of foundations, businesses, individual donors, and government in generating greater impact by increasing philanthropic capital to local, evidence-based initiatives. 

Funder Working Groups

Local markets are structured in a similar way to issue marketplaces with a cross-sector funder working group consisting of 25-35 funders, including foundations, philanthropists, corporations and government. The working groups collaboratively identify and fund the scaling of evidence-based initiatives in their city that can drive large-scale impact in a variety of issues, including program replication, policy initiatives, system change efforts and more. They will collaborate with existing local and regional efforts and be housed within a local organization.

Funder Network

Local Funder Working Groups will have a much broader network of hundreds of local philanthropists and foundations associated with the working group that review its investment recommendations for possible co-funding.  Working Groups will work closely with local affinity groups to build networks of funders such as regional associations of grantmakers and community foundations.  In this way a marketplace is created that is similar to a private placement marketplace that leverages the combined funding of a large distributed network of funders.