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Large Scale Distribution

A robust marketplace that consistently finances scaling initiatives requires participation by thousands of funders.  To engage such a large network, the Exchange is developing mechanisms to promote funders across the country scaling initiatives that fit with their programmatic and geographic focus, these include:

  • Investment Platforms: Exchange members have developed investment platforms that distribute to funders a growing number of scaling initiatives that meet a high standard of evidence and readiness for growth – including the Scaling Marketplace, S&I 100, and the SIF Foundation Registry platforms.
  • Distribution to thousands of High Net-Worth Individuals:  The Exchange is integrating its platforms, particularly the S&I 100, with the giving platforms of financial institutions that have aggregated large amounts of philanthropic capital from individual families e.g. donor advised funds, private banks, and trust companies. This allows donors who give through these institutions to support the nonprofits on the S&I 100.
  • Distribution to thousands of Foundations: Funder group will distribute the scaling initiatives they select in education, health and poverty to foundations that have signed up to participate in the Broader Funder Networks. They will also share them with a diverse set of funder affinity groups across the country.  Click here to join a Funder Network in your field.