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Raising Growth Capital

Developing Funding Collaboratives To Support Workforce Partnerships
Due Diligence Check List by Rockefeller Foundation PRI/Investment Program (ProVenEx) ed
Out of Philanthropy's Funding Maze Strategic Co-Funding : A Diagnostic Tool [Note: Please enable macros function in Excel to use the diagnostic tool.]
This diagnostic tool accompanies "Out of Philanthropy's Funding Maze Roadmap #1: Strategic Co-Funding " and is designed to help an organization (or individual) determine whether Strategic Co-Funding is a good fit with its goals, mission, and processes.

When and Why to Consider PRIs? A Clear Look at the Fundamentals
“Strategic Co-Funding: A Working Definition"
Excerpted From Out of Philanthropy's Funding Maze Strategic Co-Funding: Roadmap #1: Strategic Co-Funding