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Growth Business Planning

Approaches to Scaling Social Impact
Organizations face options about what to scale and how to scale their impact. The spectrum of goals and strategies for creating and scaling social impact ranges from impact through direct service to impact through indirect influence. By selecting combinations of goals and strategies from this “tool box,” organizations can craft a strategy for scaling social impact.

Business Plan Template for Job Creation Social Enterprise
This file outlines the main components of a social enterprise business plan, and offers guiding questions to help fill in the various elements.

Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact: A Root Cause How-to Guide
This guide provides an introduction to business planning, drawing on Root Cause's consulting engagements with dozens of organizations and its work with its own social enterprise initiatives.

Conceptual Model of the Determinants of Successful Scaling – SCALERS
Elements required for successful scaling of social initiatives

Social Venture Partners Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool
This tool is a self-assessment instrument that helps nonprofits identify capacity strengths and challenges and establish capacity building goals. It is primarily a diagnostic and learning tool. In addition, the Assessment provides a useful framework for measuring growth in organizational capacity over time.