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Special Initiatives

Social Impact Exchange is building a capital marketplace comprised of a number of activities that together form an integrated system to consistently fund scaling initiatives. Funders are encouraged to participate in any of the initiatives below that align with their interests and goals. Participation can provide significant benefits to funders and is free of charge. For more information contact us at info@socialimpactexchange.org.

Facilitate Collaborative Funding

Members can co-fund evidence-based scaling efforts and nominate their own grantees for funding.

  • Funder Working Groups – collaboratives within the Exchange that support scaling initiatives in education, health, poverty and impact investing, and in specific geographies.  Working Groups also help establish co-funding markets that engage wider networks of funders in scaling efforts.
  • The Scaling Marketplace - was an online platform spearheaded by the Exchange's Funder Working Groups that enabled local and national funders the opportunity to co-fund growth capital campaigns of game-changing nonprofits. This platform is no longer active.
  • S&I 100 - an online investment platform of top, evidence-based nonprofits that are scaling their impact across the country.
  • Funder Networks – broader networks of funders in education, health, and poverty alleviation who receive well-vetted, high-impact initiatives for co-funding that are identified by the Exchange’s Funder Working Groups and other experts.

Build Marketplace Infrastructure

Members work together to establish the infrastructure necessary for a capital marketplace to emerge:

Develop & Share Knowledge 

  • Knowledge Center – a library of articles, research, cases studies, and tools and templates on scaling impact. 
  • Training & Education – webinars, regional meetings, and conferences. 
  • Knowledge Dissemination – articles and reports distributed to members. 
  • Annual Conference – a national gathering for grantmaking foundations, individual donors, and philanthropy advisors to network, share knowledge, and learn about scaling initiatives.

Note: Social Impact Exchange is not a grantmaking or lending organization.