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How We Work

As with any ecosystem, we need all the right elements working together to scale up social solutions and make breakthroughs go big.


Doers who develop new ways to address social problems and do the hard work of directly helping people in need


Funders who make it possible for the most effective organizations to reach even more people in need

lightbulb Experts who know which doers are delivering the best results and what it takes for them to grow successfully 

The Social Impact Exchange is creating a marketplace where doers, funders and experts combine their strengths to create more social good. Where the most effective nonprofits can easily find the capital to reach more people. Where funders collaborate to bring the best strategies to scale. Where decision-makers in the private and public sector have easy access to the information they need to make smart investments in social change.

For large-scale social change to occur, an infrastructure is necessary where these three elements can work effectively together. This is where the Exchange comes in. We are building the environment that connects nonprofits, expertise and funding so that proven solutions can grow and serve millions more people.

The following is just a sample of the ways in which the Social Impact Exchange is integrating key elements to create the conditions for a healthy philanthropic capital marketplace to emerge.

  • Funder Working Groups – Collaboratives within the Exchange that support scaling initiatives in education, health, poverty and impact investing, and in specific geographies.  Working Groups also help establish co-funding markets that engage wider networks of funders in scaling efforts.
  • Scaling Marketplace – Was an online platform spearheaded by the Exchange's Funder Working Groups that enabled local and national funders the opportunity to co-fund growth capital campaigns of game-changing nonprofits. This platform is no longer active.
  • S&I 100  - An online investment platform of top, evidence-based nonprofits that are scaling their impact across the country.
  • Annual Conference  – A national gathering for grantmaking foundations, individual donors, and philanthropy advisors to network, share knowledge, and learn about scaling initiatives.
  • Knowledge Center – A library of reports, articles, research, case studies, tools and templates on scaling impact.