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Exchange members share a common interest in promoting and implementing effective strategies for scaling high impact social programs and initiatives.

There are currently over 5,000 members of the Social Impact Exchange. They represent a diverse group of national, local and regional foundations, philanthropists, philanthropic and wealth advisors, corporations, financial institutions, nonprofits, academics and service firms. Their interests cover a wide variety of fields including education, health, youth development and others. Click here to become a member – it’s free!

Membership Benefits

  • Collaborate & co-fund through structured venues and participate with your peers in funding high-impact initiatives locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Gain access to a diverse pipeline of up-and-coming, well-vetted, scalable nonprofit initiatives through Funder Working Groups, funder networks, online at the S&I 100, and in “real time” at the Exchange Annual Conference.
  • Nominate initiatives to the Exchange funding platforms, Funder Working Groups, and other venues.
  • Increase your knowledge by participating in Funder Working Groups and convenings and by accessing the latest articles, case studies, research, tools and templates, evaluation frameworks, investor reports, sample business plans, and other publications and resources on scaling social solutions and organizations.

Membership is currently open to:

  • Philanthropic Funders – local, regional and national independent foundations, family foundations, individual donors, corporate foundations, giving circles and other philanthropic funders.
  • Institutional Investors – investment funds, private banks, multi-family offices, trust companies.
  • Philanthropy and Wealth Advisors – advisors to individuals and families on their grantmaking.
  • Intermediaries – organizations that focus on scaling and raising growth capital.
  • Academics and Other Knowledge Providers – researchers, evaluation firms, information providers.
  • Government – federal, state and local officials interested in scaling solutions.
  • Professional Firms – consultants and other service providers involved in scaling impact.
  • Social Purpose Organizations – leaders from nonprofit and for-profit organizations interested in scaling their social impact.

If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the Social Impact Exchange.

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