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  • Cynthia Massarsky, Social Impact Exchange at Growth Philanthropy Network
    Posted: May 6, 2014

    Developing a growth capital marketplace for nonprofit scaling initiatives requires time and a lot of hard work. With the help of numerous grantmakers who collectively sit on the Exchange’s Working Groups, together we are building a new system and infrastructure to facilitate a social investment process that easily and efficiently taps into and aggregates the collective resources available to fully finance top-performing nonprofits that are scaling.

    Since launching the Social Impact Exchange just a few years ago, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to engage funders, test key elements of the process, and make adjustments as needed to institutionalize an efficient, transparent, and widely accepted mechanism for co-investment. To be sure, the creation of such a system is challenging and a task that is both supportive and disruptive to the usual ways of conducting business – whether for a foundation, a corporate benefit program, a wealth management advisory service, or other social investors. It involves new rules for the way the philanthropy operates.

  • Cynthia W. Massarsky, Social Impact Exchange at Growth Philanthropy Network
    Posted: January 21, 2014

    Funders in two Working Groups at the Exchange engage collaboratively in the activities of building a new Scaling Marketplace that enables growth funding to flow more efficiently to high-impact nonprofits. As part of its work, each group identifies evidence-based nonprofits they feel should move to the next level of scale, and provides a portion of growth funding needed for each investment (“lead funding”) before distributing the opportunities to broader networks of potential funders who complete the amount needed. Cynthia Massarsky spoke with Education Working Group member Jennifer Hoos Rothberg (Einhorn Family Charitable Trust) and Health Working Group member Christopher Langston (The John A. Hartford Foundation) about their experiences in working with the collaboratives and their thoughts on the new Scaling Marketplace.