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  • Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH | Professor, Health Management and Policy Director, Center for Hunger-Free Communities
    Posted: June 29, 2017

    I had a fantastic experience at this year’s Social Impact Exchange Conference on Scaling Impact. Despite being one of the few people from the non-profit sector, I was warmly welcomed to join for an extraordinary two days. I attended the conference eager to learn the language of impact investing, and to build my network in the financial sector.  As the founder of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, where we seek to improve the systems that directly affect low-income families with young children, I have developed a proven financial empowerment program, the Building Wealth and Health Network.  It is ready to scale. The conference is intended for funders, not for people like me on the front lines of trying to break the cycle of poverty. However, I was met with generous advice and insight.  After listening to the S. Robert Levine Scaling in Action© session regarding systems strategies and the need to break away from linear thinking and planning, I knew I was in the right place.

  • Social Impact Exchange staff
    Posted: December 30, 2013

    The Social impact Exchange will be rolling out a series of essays representing reflections from 13 of the more than 400 participants at the Social Impact Exchange's 2013 Conference on Scaling Impact.

    Over the last 10 years our sector has made immense progress in its efforts to take successful innovations and scale them broadly. Scaling impact is now a critical discussion at many foundations and among philanthropists, and we have many initiatives that have gone beyond demonstrations and are serving an increasing number of individuals.  
    Nevertheless, philanthropy as currently organized does not consistently enable those nonprofits with the most demonstrated impact to achieve the level of scale needed to help hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Capturing this progress and momentum and turning it into more systematic value for large numbers of individuals will require establishment of an enduring system that can scale the impact of hundreds of effective interventions on an annual basis.

  • Andrea E McGrath, Connecting Capital
    Posted: June 20, 2013

    Anyone still confused about what exactly the difference is (or not) between Pay for Success and the Social Impact Bond got their questions answers – and much, much more – during an engaging conversation on “Multi Sector Collaboration in Impact Investing” at the Social Impact Exchange Conference on Wednesday. Moderator Peter Berliner of the Mission Investors Exchange set the table, so to speak, for the conversation and noted the broad lens of the term “investor” for anyone (not just foundations). He provided the perfect introduction to a wonderful group of panelists representing diverse perspectives and experiences as impact investors including foundations, banks, government, and intermediaries. Each having experience as an investor individually – and in collaboration – spoke to the advantages (and challenges) of “combining forces” in investments.