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  • Clint White, President, WiT Media
    Posted: June 20, 2014

    This blog post is a continuation of the discussion that took place at the Nonprofit Symposium on Scaling Social Impact June 17 in NYC during the breakout session, "Better Communications through Strategic Use of Data." The author, Clint White, moderated the panel.

    In business, data is money, and money is value.

    We are all, essentially, mission-driven businesses, so what can we learn from the for-profit world about how to make our data work more dynamically to make our brand storytelling better? 

    Just as businesses use data to anticipate and deliver on product and service needs we don’t even know we have yet, the entertainment sector is leading the way with audience content.  Did you know that Netflix shaped House of Cards, its first and immediate hit series, using a mix of customer behavior data and analytics?  They invested $100M and used data from their 44 million viewer preferences to create the show, and then gained 2 million new subscribers on its back, with no focus groups or testing.  Amazing.  

  • Christina Riechers, Evidence Action
    Posted: June 20, 2013

    “It’s time to stop taking snapshots and start making movies!” George Overholser of Third Sector Capital Partners said at Wednesday’s breakout session on “Multi-Sector Collaboration in Impact Investing." George was insistent that the era of antiquated backward-looking data is behind us. For years, he argued, we have been relying on the likes of 3-year-old datasets – the “snapshots.” Now, thanks to the reduction in the cost of data collection and evaluations, George believes we are at a stage where data can be collected and inform both real-time internal decision making as well as external financing.

  • Meghan Duffy, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    Posted: April 10, 2013

    More and more grantmakers are pursuing a variety of innovative approaches to increase the reach and impact of their funding strategies, some that involve organizational growth and others that do not. GEO’s newest publication, Pathways to Grow Impact — based on a collaborative project between GEO, Ashoka, Social Impact Exchange, Taproot Foundation and TCC Group — confirmed that a certain set of smarter grantmaking practices are crucial to supporting nonprofits in their efforts to create more value for their communities.