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  • John Gillespie, Veris Consulting
    Posted: May 10, 2013

    This post originally appeared on the Stanford Social Innovation Review's blog. It is reposted with permission.

    Scaling is critical to any nonprofit looking to increase impact—but of course, it is easier said than done. In addition to gaining board engagement around your strategy and building a focused business plan, organizations must secure sufficient capital—funds that they can raise only if potential donors have a clear enough picture of their growth plan and financials to invest with confidence.

    According to a recent study on the state of scaling impact, conducted by the Social Impact Exchange and Veris Consulting, only 24 percent of nonprofits currently scaling have started fundraising and only 42 percent have a growth business plan. When it comes to scaling, many nonprofits are trying to “build the plane while flying,” when a more disciplined approach is required.

  • Social Impact Exchange Staff
    Posted: February 11, 2013

    A newly released report by the Social Impact Exchange reveals important findings and implications for nonprofits and funders alike. The State of Scaling Social Impact: Results of a National Study of Nonprofits confirms that even the most effective mission-driven nonprofit organizations are facing the daunting challenge of achieving widespread impact, unable to reach their full potential. Yet nonprofit leaders state that scaling impact is one of the most important activities to address the social problems they are working to solve. Out of more than 400 nonprofits who were part of the research, 79% say they are motivated to scale in order to increase the number of people served, while 58% are motivated to facilitate system change, demonstrating a movement towards more ambitious plans with longer horizons.

  • Tamara Schweitzer Raben, Social Impact Exchange at Growth Philanthropy Network
    Posted: January 22, 2013

    The Social Impact Exchange is excited to announced the release of a new national study on nonprofits' status in scaling impact. The State of Scaling Social Impact: Results of a National Study of Nonprofits, released in partnership with Veris Consulting, reports on how practitioners view scaling, their motivations and readiness to grow, the strategies they are deploying to achieve scaled impact and the challenges they face in moving forward with their plans. 

    The findings are based on more than 400 U.S.-based nonprofit respondents, 75 percent of which are currently scaling their impact. This report is the first-ever study of its kind on the state of scaling impact among nonprofits in the social sector, and has implications for the field in the areas of evaluation, planning, and financing initiatives that are scaling.

  • Cathy Clark, CASE at Duke
    Posted: June 14, 2012

    As the social sector evolves, one thing that is becoming increasingly clear is the critical role that knowledge plays in helping advance progress towards social solutions. Practitioners struggle with finding the best approaches to scale and accessing capital for scaling. Grantmakers and investors struggle with how to identify the most promising innovations, models, and organizations, and how best to support a multi-sector set of actors throughout the scaling process.